What is a new way of scaling your business through digitalisation?

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New Age of business Digitalisation

It looks doing the regular way of doing business is now changing to a new game of digitalisation. So What is a digitalisation or what is a new way of scaling your business through this digitalisation?

Digitalisation of business means taking your business assets to the virtual world i.e. internet & smartphone devices of your customers. The Internet is a digital universe where you need to create & promote your digital assets to make your presence in front of your prospective customers for your business. Engage with your customers on social communities website like facebook, Linkedin, google plus get maximum exposure.

In the novice terms ” What is a new hack of scaling your business through digitalisation? ” – I will explain you this in point wise, hope it will definitely give you some idea how can you promote and scale your current career or business.

Step 1: Plan your area of interest of career or if already in business then this step is not for you. Find profitable niche which should be aligned with your expertise and your passion for doing it.

Step 2: Buy memorable online identity i.e. domain name for your business and your personal name as well. Your personal brand is equally important as similar to your business brand.

Step 3: Hire some professional website designer to set your business website. ‘Yes,’ you heard right, hire professionals to develop your business website because this is your front face in the universe of the internet and you can’t project your business well by showing the broken stuff developed by DIY web builders. If you have a budget constraint, then go offshore and you will find may vendors under your budget.

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Step 4: Buy a good web hosting server which has capabilities of host multiple websites. You will get many under the range of $40 – $70 per year.

Step 5: Host your both the domains on this hosting server and start installing WordPress blog platform on your personal domain. You can follow two ways to set up a blog on your domain. Either you can purchase some premium WordPress theme or select one of them from available free WordPress themes.

Step 6: Yeah I know you are thinking what we do with the blog on your personal domain name. You can start writing & sharing some content related to your niche expertise. Whatever is your career or business you should right on how to, advantages disadvantages any topic related to your knowledge. This makes your authority in your working domain and it helps in making trust among your website visitors or ultimate future customers.

Step 7: Before start publishing your content make sure you have setup mail subscription form which will act as a lead magnet on your blog with some free value addition. This from will create an opt-in list of your email subscriber and this list will be a gold mechanism for your business.

Step 8: Setup your business profile pages on social media website. Won’t need to create your profile pages on every website but you should see according to your business offerings which one will be best for you. For example, Linkedin is the best source for professional services. Facebook is best for the retailing cloth and garments.

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Step 9: Whenever you create content on your business & personal website don’t forget to share it on social media website, social media groups, social communities on google plus, etc. This will further help in the exposure of your business to masses.

Yeah I know it looks I am more talking about the digital marketing stuff rather than digitalisation stuff. But above steps are more essentials in present digital life to make your business scale and exposed towards your prospective customers.

In the truly means any business can go and adapt digitalisation in following ways or medium:

1. Domain Name – Business / Personal name
2. Professional email id’s (yourname@businessdomainname.com)
3. Website to showcase your business offerings
4. Blog platform at your business & personal website
5. Generate frequent content/articles about your business industry or expertise.
6. Setup business profiles at all popular social media websites – Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc.
7. CRM setup for your marketing department. ( Customer Relationship Manager)
8. HRMS setup for your employee management.
9. Autoresponder setup
10. Digital software to manage your business processes for example Inventory management software if you are in the retail of some type of products.
11. Online e-commerce application/website to sell your products online.
12. Business mobile apps to get into the hands of your customers.
and much more….

If you are still thinking, how to digitalise your current business operation to mount to next level of growth you can reach us to work with you for your objectives at hello@fablian.com or just check our awesome website Digital solution company India.

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