Why WordPress is a popular CMS for websites ?


WordPress is popular CMS platform nowadays, In recent years it gains tremendous growth in terms of its usage by the customer, and it’s developer too. Here are the few factors to explain why people’s prefer WordPress development in compare of other available CMS platform.

  1. WordPress is an open-source & free for usage. WordPress CMS comes for free with editable source code and have no limitation for its usage. It is license free.
  2. WordPress code is highly SEO optimized and very light weight. There are various free plugins available to optimize your WordPress website very quickly. Many search engines prefer WordPress because of following reasons:
    1.  Fast loading capability.
    2. Clean code structure.
    3. XML Sitemap.
    4. User-friendly.
    5. Higher user experience.
    6. Social media integration.
  3. Easy to manage WordPress: Customer feels very easy to administer WordPress back end panel. Whether they want to update their content or want to add any new functionality via widely available so many free plugins. That’s why customer likes WordPress over other available CMS platforms.
  4. Easy to manage navigation menu. Anyone with basic knowledge can easily handle top or footer menu with drop down functionality.
  5. Community help in case of any issues: If you have little knowledge about WordPress back end panel then you can easily take help of community members to fix minor issues on your website.
  6. Easy to integrate with any third-party services, as all third party services provide plugins for integrating their services into your websites.
  7. Anyone can easily do SEO activities by installing many available SEO plugins.
  8. If you keep updated your WordPress to the latest version, then it is very secure CMS platform for your website.
  9. WordPress can be used for any website or even portals like reviews website, directory listing portals, travel websites, news/blogs, eCommerce shopping website, coupon listing website, etc.
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