Employee attendance management mobile app

How to develop a successful employee attendance mobile app (2020)

Maintaining records of employees is a very troublesome task for every hr department of businesses. Although things are upgrading in this section of the business starting from bookkeeping attendance in register to fingerprint biometric attendance system. However, it is still not particularly user-fri...
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Advantages of iBeacon in Real-Life Business

Beacons are tiny and low-cost devices that are based on Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology which aids in giving more exact location-information with better precision in comparison to NFC, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Actually, these small devices help to transmit small amounts of data by means of the...
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Why Website is Still a Necessity for Every Business

Oh yeah, it’s an era of Mobile Apps. Then why website still does wonders in making new customers. It’s because still, the website plays an important role in displaying information about the business offerings in a user-friendly way which is hard to present on mobile apps. Mobile apps are...
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