10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups in 2019

10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups in 2019

In the current scenario, for succeeding in the market, every start-up needs to have a unique concept. As nowadays, everyone is connected with each other through mobiles and the market of mobile is totally working with Apps, it is essential to have mobile apps ideas for your business. Mobile apps help to save cost, save time, and keep track of various activities concerning customers and latest market trends.

Does your business need Mobile App Development in 2019?

Start-ups can consider the following innovative mobile app ideas for their business:

  • Apps for Daily Commuting
  • Apps for Shopping
  • Apps to Buy & Sell Good as in Barter System
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Apps for Health & Fitness
  • Apps for Cooking, Food Ordering, Eating
  • Food Ordering & Delivery Apps
  • Interior Designing Apps
  • Tour & Travel Apps
  • App for Debates, Discussion, Seminars
  • Market-Place Mobile Apps (Most Successful Business Model)

Market Place Mobile Apps

Details of above suggested few mobile ideas for Startups in 2019 : 

  1. Apps for Daily Commuting: People travel on a daily basis for various tasks like going to work, purchase for their daily domestic needs, etc. Various mobile apps such as Ola, Uber, Taxify have made it much easier and more comfortable for people to commute daily to their work stations. They have reduced the need to wait for a taxi or cab to reach their office or home. Now, you can book cabs near your locality at best fares without any difficulty from your mobile using the traveling app. Thus, developing an app for booking cab is a good way to go for startups. Also, more features must be added time-to-time as per the demands and needs of the customers so that you can stand out from the crowd.
  2. Apps for Shopping: Shopping is a thing which everyone loves to do and if this is possible while sitting at home and at a time slot of your choice that too at your fingertips then it’s just like the cherry on the cake. There are a lot of apps already in the market such as Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, etc. achieving millions of profit on a daily basis. Start-ups can company can also opt for such shopping app or deals and discounts app with the help of which consumers can be notified with the latest offers and deals present and coming in future regarding food, beverages, clothes, cosmetics, home appliances, etc. You can also make a feature for bulk purchasing and offering free delivery for a certain amount of purchase.Ecommerce Website Development

    Grocery delivery mobile app development cost

  3. App to Buy and Sell Goods as in Barter System: In ancient times, people were not using any currency instead they use the barter system if they want to buy something. In the barter system, people exchange goods for goods and therefore there is no need for currency. A mobile application, which can offer such type of system, can prove to be very beneficial for start-ups as well as for the consumers. The list of items can be made one for selling of products and other list mentioning the items to buy. People can exchange the items on their own and you can also earn your part by sponsor advertising just like many other sites do. You can set criteria for uploading items then you don’t need to monitor the flow of users. You can achieve a big business with the help of this mobile application.
  4. Social Networking Apps: Social networking is very essential for business whether it’s a business on a large scale or it’s a small scale business. You need to show your presence online in order to establish the credibility of your company, enhance your popularity among the other business and to increase your visibility in the market. Therefore, if you want to fuel-up your business social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a must have for you.
  5. App for Fitness: Nowadays people are very much conscious about their fitness but life in today’s busy schedule is so hectic that people don’t get much time for themselves to follow a healthy routine on a regular basis. This is a very challenging task but can be used for the benefit of your start-up if created in the form of a mobile app. The app may be consists of features like daily tracking of water intake, calories intake in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The app can also suggest the daily intake of nutrition, the type of nutrition, and the physical exercises which should be followed daily. Also, feature to get expert advice by dieticians and nutritionist can be an added advantage.
  6. App for Cooking: Cooking is a hobby of many people but nowadays it is not just a hobby people; also take cooking as a career. The people who love to cook are very keen to try out new dishes. They like to experiment with a new combination of ingredients and recipes. So, if you create an app that is useful for these cooking lovers, which has features useful for them like various ingredients and their use, knowledge of various dishes, etc. can be attractive to them and at the same time beneficial for you.
  7. Food Delivery App: Making a food delivery mobile app is another good idea for a start-up company. Ordering food at home is very common these days. Many times, people get so busy or tired that they don’t want to go out to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant along with their family or friends but want to have a good meal. This is the time when a food app comes into picture where they can order their favorite dishes from their favorite place at the time when they want to without going anywhere.White Label Restaurant Branded App
  8. Interior Designer App: When a person moves to a new house or buys a new home, the first thing that comes into his mind is to decorate his home in the best possible way with the best items like furniture, decorative pieces, etc. People often get confused about where to purchase the furniture, which type of furniture will be suitable in their respective rooms keeping in mind the available space. The answer to all these questions related to home decoration can be given through a mobile app. So, a start-up can create an Interior Designer App in which users can get ideas of the market place from where they can buy the items for their home at reasonable prices. A feature can also be included in which users can post the pictures of their home and can try different available options for decorations virtually to see whether it will look good or not. This can bring business to them by making a tie-up with the home décor shops.
  9. Traveling App: Traveling is loved by everyone. People at least once in a year go for vacations with their loved ones to enjoy and spend some quality time. Therefore, it’s a good plan for a start-up to create a travel app in order to fuel-up their business. The traveling mobile app must be designed in such a way that it can inform the users about the various famous spots to see in a particular place, also good restaurants for food, motels for relaxing, etc.
  10. App for Debates: In today’s time everyone has an opinion on every issue.  So, if a common platform is made in the form of a mobile app then it will be a great place for those who are looking for healthy discussions and debates with people having different opinions on a certain issue. People can connect at one place and can support or oppose each other this will also increase the knowledge of people about the current facts and details about a specific issue whether it is political, technological or from other fields. People will able to express their perspectives and can give suggestions also. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that few benchmarks have to be set in order to avoid any misuse and disputes.  

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