Advantages of iBeacon in Real-Life Business – Updated [2020]

Advantages of iBeacon in Real-Life Business - Updated [2020]

Beacons are tiny and low-cost devices that are based on Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology which aids in giving more exact location-information with better precision in comparison to NFC, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Actually, these small devices help to transmit small amounts of data by means of the Bluetooth low-energy technology ranging up-to fifty meters. Beacons are only a one-way transmitter and need a particular app to be downloaded on the mobile device of the user so that the user can receive the transmissions. Particularly, iBeacons are the most famous and widely used device in the current scenario.

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The beacon technology offers the following benefits:

  1. Creates a Stronger Customer Base: iBeacon help the retailers to create a strong customer base. Using iBeacon the retailers are able to welcome messages to their customers as soon as they come close to their store. In this way, they can greet their customers in a special way.
  2. Enhanced Offline Attribution with Google Ads: You can see the offline search activities of the users by connecting the signals of your beacon to your Google account. You can also trace the in-store visits also with the help of beacon technology. Business people spend a lot of money every year in online advertising efforts so it is significant to understand them also. Conventionally, it was very difficult to understand the process of linking the online advertising efforts to offline attribution but now you can track the key interaction points of users who have seen and clicked the digital ads in order to analyze the effectiveness of your digital ads in driving customers as well as sales to your store.
  3. Cost-Effective: iBeacon device is easy to afford as well as its installation is quite simple. It has a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). You require to set-up a tag and create actions after installing the transmitter. They are just like a ready-to-use device so more and more business people, as well as others, are using them due to their affordability. It is a must-have if you want to make your product to succeed in the market.
  4. Facilitates Customized Recommendations: The main focus of iBeacon is on customizing the ways the customers want to communicate with the brands. Customization is an important part as the technology makes it possible for the brands to offer coupons and recommend products as per the lifestyle, needs, and expectations of the customers. Therefore, it is very essential for all types of business if they want to boost their brand and increase their sales.
  5. Out-of-Store Marketing: When beacon technology was introduced in 2013 out-of-store was the main selling point of this device. Although, out-of-store was not as successful as expected by people it has a lot of potential for the right marketers and businesses who want to make an investment in it. Businesses can send any kind of information to their prospective customers as the information can be transmitted straightforwardly to approachable devices that are within the range of a beacon. The customers can be sent alert messages to notify them that they are near to your shop. They can also be informed about the current loyalty programs, discounts, and competitions going-on in your shop or store.
  6. Gives Insightful Data: With the help of beacons, retailers are able to set the standards or parameters to analyze consumer behavior and form data inventory. When it comes to assessing consumer behavior, online stores have had a notable advantage over brick and mortar stores due to their ability to utilize web and mobile analytics. Now thankfully, with beacons, retailers can better assess the behaviors of their consumers within their physical stores. For instance, retailers can review the time and day of the week in which the customers have mostly downloaded a specific coupon. Start-ups companies or small companies or big companies can make use of iBeacon technology to know the behavior patterns of their users. Thus, it can be said that online stores have a significant advantage of using beacons over brick and mortar stores because of their ability to use mobile and web analytics.
  7. Improves Sales and Customer Loyalty: Integration of iBeacon technology with the mobile devices of the users; opens the door for improved and more important push notifications that attract the customers towards purchasing personalized products and offers. This plan helps to boost the number of sales, improved revenues and increases customer loyalty.
  8. Enhanced Communication: Beacons help to enhance communication with customers. Marketing efforts can be targeted at the customers in the immediate surrounding area with the help of proximity marketing. Customers are able to receive information about the products or unique offers in shopping centers. Bars and restaurants are able to send the push notifications along with coupons to the nearby public so that the chances of the visit of customers can increase. The success rate of this kind of marketing is high as it reaches the right people at the right time. It is also used by business people of tourism as it is also profitable for them. People who go to visit any museum or any interactive place can receive information about the pictures, statues, antique pieces or attractive spots they are seeing. Images, videos, textual messages can also be sent by using push notification with the help of beacons.
  9. Increases App Engagement and Retention: Beacons are able to bridge the gap between the digital retail space and physical space. As beacons work by means of mobile applications there is a wonderful possibility for applications to enhance their user engagement and rates of retention. By using beacon technology, apps can make themselves a crucial tool for buyers.
  10. Offers Cashless Payments: iBeacon offers the facility to go cashless. It helps the customers to buy anything at any time and at any place without having tangible money.
  11. Helps to identify the Number and Type of Customer Visits: With the use of beacons, it is easy to recognize the customers as soon as they make a visit to the store. Therefore, it is quite easy to identify a loyal customer, unique customer, repeated customers, and also the number of times the customer is visiting the store. These measurements and values are very useful for retailers while implementing reward and loyalty-based programs. For example, if a customer is visiting a store 15 times and he becomes a repeated customer, then beacons can be enabled to send him special offers. He can also be given special and unique offers and discounts under the loyalty programs seeing his buying history if he is found to be a loyal customer.
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If you have an idea or want to know more about ibeacon implementation for your business, you can reach iBeacon mobile app development company or write to us at


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