How to develop a successful employee attendance mobile app (2020)

Employee attendance management mobile app

Maintaining records of employees is a very troublesome task for every hr department of businesses. Although things are upgrading in this section of the business starting from bookkeeping attendance in register to fingerprint biometric attendance system. However, it is still not particularly user-friendly, time-saving and pure hardcore authentic yet.

First of all, we have to see the following facts which will make a successful employee attendance system :

  1. It should be Employee friendly.
  2. It should not take much time in punching the attendance.
  3. There should be proper reports & logs of each employee.
  4. Hr Person should get the reports of attendance of each employee without much trouble or even automatically on their emails.
  5. The system should be fraud-proof So that it prevents bogus punches.
  6. Automate the punching system as much as possible.

Several systems for different Employee Attendance Management methods: 

  1. Traditional Method, which is almost dead now. Hr Person maintains attendance records in Registers, Excels, etc.
  2. Employee ID (RFID) card-based attendance punching machine – Cheaper solution and best one than the traditional method but it is not fraud-proof.
  3. Biometric attendance punching machine – Fraud proof but little time consuming if you have a large number of employees.
  4. Bar Code based mobile app for attendance system – Employee gets new bar code each day in his own mobile phone and he has to scan it at the entrance of the business or where ever is the bar code scanner places in the business. or A simple bar code sticker on the entrance of the business and employee scan it and the app automatically authenticate the user details and submit the attendance of the same in the server.
  5. iBeacon based employee attendance mobile app system – This is an innovative system, Several ibeacon devices can be installed at various places of the secure regions of the business. An employee just needs to switch on Bluetooth on their smartphones and it automatically records the movement of the employee (Check-In & Check-out) and saves the attendance in the database of the HR software at the remote server. iBeacon device has a range of around 70mt to 300 mt. No need for any touch or insert card into any machine. This saves time and more fraud-proof either you have a less or a large number of employees. ibeacon based mobile app development is easy to integrate with your existing HRMS.
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These days mobility is the best way to provide user-friendly features and engagement which results in productive outputs. Mobility is future safe, easy to upgrade with add on features without worrying about the hardware replacement.

So, How to develop a successful employee attendance mobile app? Where to start from? 

First, You should examine & analyze your running employee attendance system. It’s a crucial part of every business. Many types of costs & overheads involve in it. If it is not fraud-proof then the leaking cost in the face of salaries too.

Second, Authentication parameters – How you authenticate your employees that punches should be made by the real person who needs to do that. In today’s world of internet technologies, there are various advanced ways available in mobile apps to do that. Such as you can authenticate a user through Mac Address of their registered smartphone, WiFi internet of the business, Registered mobile number of the employee, Fingerprint of the employee into Smartphone, Face Recognition in latest iPhone smartphones.

Third, How to register employee details – Want to do that registration through a mobile app like a simple sign up process. Can provide a web-based link to fill all the required details for registration. or HR Person does that directly from the employee resume himself. Best is employees do that from the mobile app itself because it needs some hardware details from their smartphones for authentication like Mac address of the device, Finger Print Authentication or Face Recognition.

Fourth, Selection of the Attendance system – The primary step in this section is a decision to choose between a custom solution development tailored to your business needs or getting a subscription to a ready solution for employee attendance management available in the market. Mostly ready solutions charges per user basis, which is good to select to start with but if you have a large number of employees and want to have a system for the long term then a custom solution development will be the best choice for your business.

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Fifth, Now it’s a time to analyze the technology –  This all depends on your budget and cost-saving agenda. Technology in terms of RFID based solutions, BioMetric Based Solutions, ibeacon based solutions, BarCode based solutions.

Sixth, Data Storage – Due to the recent implementation of GDPR rules, we have to pay special attention to storing employee data safely. So that their personal information should not accessible by any unauthorized peoples or wrong elements.

After the above information now all set with you for What you need to start a successful employee attendance mobile app for your business. You should share the above information with qualified mobile app development companies. Their business analyst goes through your above information and suggests a detailed scope of work for this mobile app development.

Conclusion – A userfriendly and engaging employee mobile app for your business. Mobility is a great opportunity for business operation optimization. A fully automated attendance system not only tracks the check-in or check-out of the employees but you can even track their movements in the business place to see their activities. If you have a plan to develop an employee attendance management system for your business, you can reach Fablian Technologies, We have a great time of professionals who can assist you in designing architecture of your requirements and full your idea.

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