What are the factors we should consider while developing website for SEO

Ranking in search engines is now common practice and need of every website asset online. Without ranking anywhere, with no traffic, there is no mean of website putting online. As per today’s trend and several google updates, We should consider best practices from the initial stage of website development.

I am going to mention few best practices which are the important factors while developing your website for SEO So that it would be easy to crawl by search engines and attract a lot of traffic from search engines.

  1. The website should be light and faster to load. Google gives special rank to faster web sites.
  2. The website should be highly user and search engine friendly.
  3.  Do not use duplicate content by copy and the past. Draft original content and use it on the website.
  4. It should be mobile compatible and coded into mobile responsive layouts.
  5. All Meta tags should properly configure.
  6. All header tags such as H1, H2, H3 should be properly structured on each website page this gives a signal to search engines about what our pages are about.
  7. All image should have ALT tags with target keywords.
  8. There should be no broken links in the whole website.
  9. Using iframes or similar Technique bad for SEO.
  10. Website user able to browse any page from any page of the website.
  11. There should be a couple of call to action buttons on each page.
  12. Each web page of the website can target 1 – 3 keywords. And the density of keyword should be between 0.5 to 1.5. ( Keyword density means, frequency of occurrence of keyword in body content)
  13. All page URL should contain target keyword of that particular web page. For example :  top-digital-company-usa.html. No special characters in web page URLs.
  14. You can set up a blog on the website to post routine articles / news of your industry.
  15. Create an HTML sitemap for users & XML sitemap for search engines.
  16. Less use of Pop-ups, as it looks spammy in terms of search crawlers.
  17. The website should be setup with SSL, nowadays search engines give more preference to secure websites.
  18.  And few more.
Note : Here I discussed few points which you should consider while developing a website, whereas there are many which I will add in my future post.
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