Top ten website design trends for 2020 – See what will be the difference ?

Top ten website design trends for 2020 - See what will be the difference ?

It’s time to see what website design trends will be a driving factor in the coming year. We already saw many innovations in the website design industry in the current year. Today I want to write about Top website trends for the coming 2020 year which we will expect in 2020.

    1. UI Patterns: User Interference gains much maturity since the last couple of years, which keeps innovation on the go and become a primary dominating factor in new website development.  More n more design patterns, frameworks, pre-made themes, UI kits coming across the popularity this year will keep continuing emerging new themes, UI frameworks in coming the new year.
    2. Mobile-first approach for every website: Mobility is so much popular these days due to the number of smartphone users keeps increasing year by year. Every website needs to be mobile responsive has been a necessity nowadays. The new frameworks of mobile-first technologies will come up in the work in the 2017 year.
    3. Better collaboration between designers & developers: We already seeing the maturity of designer’s coding is so much advanced nowadays that designers of today’s generation have capable of doing many things that were done by the developers in previous time. The emergence of new techniques in design patterns creates a need for a collaboration platform where designers & developers work together on a project so that they both are on the same page for the completion of a project.
    4. Website Prototyping: Website is not a way of just a presentation of business services in today’s digital age. It is highly connected to the Brand image of the business. So it is necessary to pay important attention to little things for the beginning of new website design. Prototyping is a primary stage where we gather clients’ expectations, marketing trends, call to action triggers, brand senses, target audience, etc. Using all this information designer first creates a website prototype which is used as a rough layout to be brainstorm and finalized for final design outputs. We will see more new tools for designing website prototypes this year.
    5. SEO friendly animation: Flash already vanishes from the market many years ago. This leads to the development of HTML5 & jQuery animations which is lightweight and Search crawlers friendly too. We will see big changes in website animations in this coming year which creates user-friendly animations with quick go.
    6. Focus on content presentation, readability, personalization, and conversions: Content delivery plays an important role in this year now things will move to a personalization of content delivery according to the different demographic area, customer age group, the target market for better conversion of website visitors.
    7. The freshness of content or information on the website: Google loves the fresh content which keeps a driving factor for good rankings in the search engine result page in 2020. New techniques will come like a blog we already using nowadays to freshen up our content delivery on a routine basis.
    8. New website design layout patterns: We will see new user interface layouts for website pages, which are customer focused and highly user-friendly to browse the information with ease. Like we already seeing parallax design, things will pop up on user viewport, etc…
    9. Increased use of vector graphics instead of JPG, PNG, etc. We will see the great use of SVG files.
    10. More focus on conversions: Many new things will come to increase the conversion of website audiences. Either new way of a call to action or highlight banners, etc.
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