How much will iPhone app development cost in India?

How much will iPhone app development cost in India?

The most famous mobile device used by consumers worldwide is an iPhone. The demand for the iPhone is very high in the market and the applications created for the iPhone are fruitful for the consumers as they offer a good return on investment. iPhone app development is an organized process for which you need to have an iPhone App Development Company. 

Before going towards knowing the iPhone app development cost in India, Let’s have some brief about the iPhone App Development.

Latest Trends in iPhone App Development

Apple has brought the new features in mobile application developments which are helping the business in providing a better experience to its users. The following trends have created a boom in the handheld software industry: 

  1. Emphasis on App Security: The first and foremost thing that strikes our mind is the security of the app. Apple has made it compulsory to have App Transport Security (ATS) in order to secure the app. The idea behind this is to safeguard the app from the hackers who are always looking for a chance to violate the security to access the personal information of the user.  
  2. Augmented Reality: With the commencement of iOS 11, iPhone app developers have got the feature of Augmented Reality (AR). The iPhone developers using Apple’s ARKit framework are able to provide better apps to the clients. In this booming mobile app industry, Augmented Reality is an essential feature which stimulates users to use iPhone devices.
  3. Swift 5.0: The latest version of Swift 5.0 is the recent update in the market when it comes to iPhone app development. The Swift 5.0 version brings a new feature, i.e., Application Binary Interface (ABI), which is helpful for the iPhone app developers to embed the Swift libraries on a run-time basis.
  4. Apple Pay Integration: Research studies have depicted that there are a lot of transactions done using a mobile wallet in the year 2018. In today’s time, a number of apps are there on the App Store and integrating Apple pay in an app will result in more secured transactions. Hence, without a doubt, the development in this field will be an indispensable iPhone current trend.
  5. Watch OS 5: It is an operating system for Apple Watch. It has few unique features such as the playing of audio apps in the background, automatic workout tracking, walkie-talkie, etc.
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Difference between the Android App Development and iPhone App Development ( Although both platforms are most popular in this world in the present time )

The main points of difference between the Android and iPhone App Development are as follows:

  1. Users: The first point of differentiation is the audience of iPhone and Android App development as it is the users who need the actions of developers depends. iPhone users seem to be very loyal to the brand and they have a high income as compared to the Android users. The Android phones are more reasonable therefore the market share of Android devices is much more than the iPhone devices.
  2. Programming Language: The programming languages used for Android App Development are Java and C++. It needs a lot of coding. However, Kotlin is a recent language that is being used for Android App Development which is completely compatible with Java. While on the other hand, the programmers are using Objective – C and Swift for iPhone Application Development. The coding on Swift is fast in comparison to Java. Swift came first in 2014 and using Swift the application development was much faster as less coding needs to be done with Swift.  
  3. Development Tools: Initially, Eclipse was the environment used for the Android App development but later Google launched the Android Studio, which is now used by all the Android developers because it offers a great feature to debug, cross-platform, simple packaging, and a huge amount of functionality. For iPhone App Development, XCode is used by developers as it is a very suitable environment to build the apps for Mac or iPad or iPhone devices. You can find the errors in logic and syntax both and also get the code fixed.
  4. Development Cost and Speed: The cost of App development depends on the needs and requirements of the business. The cost is mainly dependent on the type of platform to be used, time spent, the developers. The more time the app will take to build the cost will be the more. Similarly, the more the number of developers you need, the more will be the cost involved. The creation of iPhone App consumes more time in comparison to the Android app development. Developers need 20-30 percent more time to develop an iOS-based mobile app than Android-based mobile App.
  5. Deployment Speed: The time needed for the review of Android-based Apps on Google Play is much less than the time needed for the iOS-based app on Apple Store. The main reason behind this is that the iOS apps need verification of personal experts which can take one week on an average while there are automated tests for checking Android-based apps.
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Now, How much does it cost for iPhone App Development in India? 

Cost simply depends on the features you want to develop in your iPhone app. Although it is far cheaper than the development of the app from your local resource, because of robust offshore prices in India. The iPhone app development which cost you around $50,000 – $60,000 with your local development company, will cost around $10,000 – $12,000 from Indian iPhone app development company.

Normal featured iPhone app development starts from $3500 onwards from India and it keeps add-on as you increase the scope of features in the app.



How much will iPhone app development cost in India?


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