How much does it cost to build an Ecommerce website from offshore 2019


The day before yesterday I had posted a post on How much does it cost to build a mobile app from offshore.

Hope you liked that post and have some glimpse on the cost of mobile app development.

Today I would like to share some info on facts matters for estimating the cost of an ECommerce website builds at offshore in India.

First, little brief about eCommerce websites & who needs it the most. Any online website where there is any type of transactions related to money, selling products, selling digitals, etc comes into the category of an eCommerce website.   Mainly all business who are into product selling business should have an online presence with eCommerce website to grow their business with more customer reach, which is not possible with your brick & mortar shops or showrooms.

Now, we come back to our question of this article. So what it will cost to build an eCommerce website from offshore India.

These are the factors which decide what you are looking for and what it cost:

1. Theme based eCommerce website, ready made eCommerce theme or a custom designed eCommerce website as per your brand. This makes a major impact on costing & future purpose of your online venture.

2. A number of products you like to upload on the website with how much details.

3. Platforms – Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Oscommerce etc or Custom development on Advance PHP or .NET.

4. Scalability – Website is scalable for future updates or just been ready for just present needs only.

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5. Third Party API integration – Payment gateways, SMS gateways, POS, Artificial Intelligent scripts, etc.

6. You want to do your website with a company or from a freelancer with no reliability of his existence in future. He just sitting at his home and work for you in nights. The cost of a company in managing some quality process is high & it is beneficial for you whereas this is not a case with a freelancer.

7. What all features you want in an eCommerce website. Standard one doesn’t make a much difference but if you have some different idea which needs custom development then it will give increase your cost.

and many others…..

So, Cost of some basic eCommerce development will be around as following:

1. Theme based customisation will cost you anything around $999 – $1499.

2. Custom designed Magento eCommerce website will cost you around $3000 – $5000 depends on your selection of your new custom website design.

3. A pure tailored solution for your online venture will cost you anything between $5500 – $15000.

4. Digital promotion of your online shop website will cost you around $299 – $699 per month for SEO & SMM.

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