Strategies used for Proximity Marketing in Retail Business

Strategies used for Proximity Marketing in Retail Business

Proximity Marketing, As you all aware that the spot & customer oriented marketing based on the actual location/movement of the customer is known as Proximity Marketing. Triggering personalize welcome message, discount coupon, feedbacks, etc when customer come in the range of beacons are the few examples of Proximity Marketing strategies.

Just think about this, How to feels to your customer when he comes to your shop for the second time and as soon as he enters into the gate he received a personalized notification on his smartphone “Welcome Peter” with some content. It makes your customer special for your business and he will be highly obliged by it. or By sensing the movement of your customer with in-store you can check what colors, the product he likes the most to offer him related discount code on his smartphone as a push notifications. That’s a power of proximity marketing where beacons are planing a major role in today’s world. iBeacons & Eddystone devices.

Following strategies can be used to use proximity marketing in the retail business:

  1. Use of Digital Coupons: Retailers can send digital coupons to each and every customer who once visit the store and having the app of the outlet, that is close to their retail store by means of a Bluetooth. Proximity marketing can prove to be an effective tool for elevating the sales, look if the customer shows interest in the latest product and take the maximum advantage in peak time.
  2. Use of Digital Signs: Digital signs are also an effective method to keep the customer occupied in case one cannot send a digital message to the nearby mobile phones. An interactive kiosk can be placed outside a multiplex in order to let them browse the previews of movies as per their choice. These kiosks will be equipped with ibeacon devices and when your regular customer passing through the kiosk he will get the information on his mobile what you want to communicate to them for attracting sales to your business.
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  3. Use of Bar Code: Use of bar code marketing is the latest development in the field of proximity marketing especially in the retail business. Bar codes are also known as QR codes. Companies are nowadays using bar codes to establish contact with customers. The main drawback of this strategy is that it is one-sided as the customers who are in close proximity are required to make a selection to scan the bar code via smartphone. The advantage is that it needs less time and consideration as compared to Digital signs. Different barcodes can be placed at a different place as per the need of the business.
  4. Use of ibeacons (Low energy Bluetooth device): iBeacon is a tinny device which runs on battery and has very long battery life (6 months – 2 years). Basically beacon device broadcast one-way signal to nearest available smartphone and shout that I am here at this location. Through which you can set any predefined actions to act when it detects near smartphone device. There are many different ideas where we can implement ibeacons in real life scenarios.
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Advantages of Proximity Marketing in Retail Business

Proximity offers the following advantages in business:

  1. Customers are More Engaged: Nowadays mobile phones (Mobile App Development Company) are the most essential thing in a person’s life. The ratio of the people using their mobile phones during shopping time to those who are not using their phone while shopping is 75:25. Thus, users are being more engaged through proximity marketing when they are nearby a retail store.
  2. Provides thorough Understanding about Customer: With the help of proximity marketing retail stores get to know their customers like what motivates them to make a purchase. Is it an offer or discount or a promotional deal or it’s just an informational video?  Knowing this will help to plan your marketing strategies keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the customers.
  3. Saves Employees’ Time: Proximity marketing does not need much involvement of the employees as most of the job is done by the technology using ibeacon (ibeacon app Development Company). Therefore, employees can be deployed in many important tasks.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates: The emphasis of proximity marketing is completely on consumers. Retailers are just giving alert messages to those people who are driven to buy. So, about 57 percent of the prospective consumers are likely to be converted into buyers.
  5. Compete with Online Business: Proximity marketing permits you to compete with the business done online. Just like the way consumers look into their emails, use social sites, and open any web browser they get notified with a number of advertisements. Similarly, with the use of proximity marketing, you can launch your own online store in order to connect to more consumers.
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