Blueprint of On-Demand Food Delivery web & mobile solution

Blueprint of On-Demand Food Delivery web & mobile solution

Before smartphones & digital revolution, traditionally customers place the order over phones to their favorite restaurants or from pizza or burger outlets. Food outlet arranges the delivery guy to deliver the food order at customer doorstep. All process was manual and there were many glitches in the system, there were chances of errors & mismanagement of placing the orders.

Mostly Pizza chains have ruled the food ordering industry for ages, but now we’re observing the development of new on-demand food ordering app development.  But now the time has been changed where food ordering emerges with a new digital way of managing whole ordering process. Where customer places the orders from the mobile app, Food outlet gets the orders on his POS or tablet to process the order then delivery guy delivers the food order at customer doorstep.

Today, Here I am going to share the complete blueprint of On-Demand food delivery business & how they can optimize their operations by using various digital solutions.

Solutions they should opt for Mobile Responsive Website, Online Food Ordering Facility on Website, Web Backend Panel to Manage the Content of Website & Mobile Apps, Customer Mobile Apps on iPhone & Android, Order Processing POS or Tablet Apps, Kitchen Staff Tablet / Mobile App & Delivery Guy Mobile App for Order Tracking,

Detail briefing about above-mentioned solutions,

Mobile Responsive Website – This is a basic necessity of every business these days, Similarly every food business either they are in Restaurant domain or they have food delivery or Food pick up outlet. They should have their own branded website to showcase the information about their outlet and their offering for favorite food menu items. The website helps in promoting their brand and it keeps always on 24×7 when your business hours close down. In present time website, mobile compatibility is the must as these days users surfing the internet more on their mobile devices rather than desk systems. Also, Search engines give preference & rank factor based on the mobile compatibility of the website.

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Online Food Ordering Facility for Website – Along with showcasing your food menu, you should provide a facility for Online food ordering on the website which gives convenience to your customers to place an online order for their food items and pay via cards their itself. Although if you are planning to have mobile apps for your business then for a chance you can skip to having this feature on the website, Food ordering on mobile apps will be sufficient for your business.

Web Backend Panel – Web backend panel is a kind of content management software which manages your content & images of all information on your website & mobile apps. All order management, Menu management, content management, customer database management, etc will be controlled from this panel. All reports will be seen in this backend console.

Customer Mobile Apps – Mobile Apps on the platform like iOS & Android will be developed to give a highly engaged convenience to your customers, who are spending a major chunk of their time on their mobile phones these days. Some popular features a Food Ordering Mobile App have such as Menu listing, Food Ordering, Card Payments, Push Notification Offers, Nearby Offers, Broadcast nearby offers, Restaurant ambiance gallery, Reward wallet, Coupon Wallet, Sign up / login to collect some basic information about your customers, Order tracking with real-time status updates etc. If you are looking for Restaurant Mobile App for your business you can see they have very good features in their Mobile App solutions for Restaurant.

Order Processing Tablet App – You will need a tablet app which can be installed in iPad or Android. Which is easy to carry and used to work on processing of the orders comes from Websites & Mobile Apps.  Your staff can easily update the status of orders to get engaged your customer regarding their recent food order and your customer gets real-time updates about their orders.

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Delivery person mobile app – Delivery guy gets all order information on his app which needs to deliver based on assigned area of deliveries to him. You can have an advanced feature of real-time tracking of order delivery just like UBER on the map. This delivery guy app uses smartphone GPS to show the real-time movement to the customer mobile app when they placed new orders and eating to get it delivered.

We have very good & hardcore experience in developing Food Ordering solution for Food businesses or Aggregate portal owners. If you want to know more details you can reach us at Food Ordering Mobile App Development India.