How to prepare the scope of work for your mobile app to get a cost idea from the developers.

How to prepare the scope of work for your mobile app to get a cost idea from the developers.

You got a billion dollar idea for your next coming venture. And now you are looking for the mobile app development company to execute your product developer as per your requirements. Today I am going to share few steps for your preparation so that your mobile app developer will get a more detailed idea of your requirement and there will be fewer chances of delays during development due to any surprises.

So, Steps to prepare a Scope of work or project specifications for your mobile app to share with mobile app developers.

1. Project Introduction – Prepare a brief of your project which containing information like what is your project all about, how it works, who will it for, target audience, brief business model. A couple of paragraphs will be enough to make understand your project.

2. Types of Technical Solutions you are looking for – Bullet points to list all technical solutions you are looking for your project. For example: Let say you are looking for developing a mobile app for listing business classified. Then to accomplish this requirement we actually need following technical solutions: Web backend panel, Web services API, Mobile App on iPhone / Android.

3. Features need to manageable by back-end admin user – List down all features required in Back-end console like Types of users, features, report generation, analytical information, etc.

4. Types of App users – Direct Customer, B2B Partners, etc. List all the users who will use the mobile app & its feature.

5. Dashboard feature of each app user – These are features comes after user registration & login into the system. Such as My profile, change password, order history, track new order, etc.

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6. App Feature – Detail specification of the app flow, your whole idea of how an app will work and what purpose it serves will come in this section.

7. Descriptions for reports – what all reports you want like total app users, time log of their login duration, when they login & use the app most, etc.

8. Testing Parameters – List your testing style which you want to be included in your developer proposal & estimate.

9. Support & Maintenance terms – How many months of support you need and in which model dedicate resource or fixed commitment of time & hours, etc.

10. Target Market & Your Revenue generation details – Sometime this will be a major factor to be count in mobile app development cost estimation. Your revenue generation model sometime needs B2B payments and develop needs to integrate payment processor for the same.

Prepare the above information in 2 – 3 pages and share with your selected mobile app development companies to get a detailed proposal & price estimation for your requirements.

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How to prepare the scope of work for your mobile app to get a cost idea from the developers.